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Various: The Best Of Reggae (CD / Second Hand) [11184683]

EAN/UPC Code: 9002986130772
Artikel-Nr.: 313077
Set-Inhalt: 3
Zustand: Second Hand
Erscheinungsdatum: 23.05.2014
Im Shop seit: 20.10.2014
Verfügbarkeit: Artikel nicht mehr lieferbar
Track Titelinformation Spielzeit
--> The Best Of Reaggae
CD 1/1
001 Rebel's Hop (reworked Version)
Marley, Bob
002 I Can See Clearly Now (re-recording)
Nash, Johnny
003 I wanna wake up with you (re-recording)
Gardiner, Boris
004 The Israelites (re-recording)
Dekker, Desmond
005 Help Me Make It Through The Night (re-recording)
Holt, John
006 Mad About You (re-recording)
Ruffin, Bruce
007 In Zaire (re-recording)
Wakelin, Johnny
008 Go Tell it On The Mountain (reworked Version)
Marley, Bob
009 Get up, stand up (re-recording)
Tosh, Peter
010 Dream Lover (re-recording)
011 You Can Get It If You Really Want
Cliff, Jimmy
012 Tears On My Pillow
Brown, Dennis
013 Betcha By Golly Wow ** (re-recording)
Dunkley, Erroll
014 Oh Carolina
Lee, Byron & The Dragonaires
015 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
Heptones, The
016 No Woman No Cry (reworked Version)
Marley, Bob

CD 2/3
001 Love Me Tender
Dreadlocks, The
002 Peace And Love And Happiness
Kingston Boys
003 Ain't No Sunshine
Cool Horace Smith
004 In The Summertime
Boothe, Ken
005 Sun Of Jamaika
Rastafarians, The
006 Sloop John B.
Armada, Diego
007 Sunshine Reggae
Lord Mandeville
008 Hey Joe
Curley, David
009 Island in the sun
Paragons, The
010 Don't Worry, Be Happy
Rasta Reggae Combination
011 (In The) Midnight Hour
Silvertones, The
012 Green Green Grass Of Home
Thomm, Lou
013 I Started A Joke
Kelly, Pat
014 Yesterday
Heptones & Friends
015 A Whiter Shade Of Pale
016 Brand New Key (Reworked Version)
Melanie & Cliff, Jimmy

CD 3/3
001 Red Red Wine (Medley)
Jackson, R. Zee
001.01 Red Red Wine
001.02 Life Could Be A Dream
001.03 Sugar Sugar
002 Serious Matter
Lord Reggae & His Jamaicans
003 Master Blaster
Portmore Boys
004 Rivers of Babylon
Carlos, Don
005 Baby I'm Yours
June Lodge
006 A place in the sun
Isaacs, David
007 (Sittin' On The) Dock Of The Bay
Club Safari
008 Spanish Harlem
Grant, Rudy
009 Come Along
Black Hawks, The
010 Running Away From Love
Stewart, Roman
011 Who Art Babylon
Grant, Ricky
012 Please Mr. DJ
U Brown
013 Goodbye my love
Scott, Audrey
014 The Girl Is Mine
Yellowman / Metro, Peter
015 Shine Eye Gal
Levy, Barrington
016 I'm In The Mood
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